How do I accept a project invitation?

How do I accept a project invitation?

You will receive an email from HiveDesk when someone invites you to join a project. This email has two links:

1. Register - If it's the first project you are joining, click the Register link. You will see the Member Registration page. Fill all required fields and click the Register button to create your HiveDesk account. 

2. If you already have a HiveDesk account, click the Login link to log into HiveDesk web application. 

Once inside the web application, you will see a list of projects you have been invited to join. Click the Accept button to join the project. 

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    • How do I install HiveDesk client application?

      You can download the HiveDesk client application from the download page Download the client for your computer’s operating system and follow the instruction on the download page. 
    • How do I track/log my hours using HiveDesk?

      You need to download and install the HiveDesk client application for tracking your time.  Start the client when you want to record your time and log in.  Select the project you will be working on and Check in to start recording your time.