How do I create a Project in HiveDesk?

How do I create a Project in HiveDesk?

Project is the starting poitn for all tracking activities in HiveDesk. So you need to first create a project and assign team members to the project before you can start tracking time and activity.

In order to create a new Project, you must be an Account owner/Admin or a Manager. 
  1. Log into HiveDesk web pplication with your Admin or Manager ID credentials.
  2. In the left navigation column, click Projects then click the Create New Project option.  

Enter your project details as described below:

Project Details Section
  1. Project Title -  Give your project a title or name. It can be anything you want but we recommend you use a meaningful title like "Marketing Project for Client A".  
  2. Project Priority - The priority of the project decides how the projects are sorted when for your team members in the HiveDesk client application. If you have several projects, the priority makes it easier for your team members to find the more important projects. 
  3. Short Description -  You can add description about your project so that anyone looking at it will know what the project is about. The description is visible to your team members working on the project.
  4. Project Notes -  This section is for you to give project related instructions to your team members. You can also share links to files in Dropbox or Google Drive. Your team members will see the Notes when they log into HiveDesk client on their computers. 

Screenshot Control Section
  1. Screenshot interval - It determines how frequently HiveDesk client will take and store the screenshot of your team members' computer screens. If you do not want to have screenshots taken, select the "Disable Screenshots" option at the bottom of the list.
  2. Select the first checkbox if you want your team members to view the screenshots in HiveDesk client and web applications.
  3. If you want to allow your team members to briefly preview and have the option of not sending a screenshot from within the HiveDesk client software, select the "Enable the Discard..." checkbox.
  4. If you want your team members to be able to delete screenshots when they are logged into, select the "Enable the Delete option..." checkbox.  You will see a Screenshot Deleted placeholder in your screenshot report if a team member deletes a screenshot.
  5. If you want to allow your team members to briefly preview screenshot from in the HiveDesk client application and decide whether or not to send a screenshot to the server, select the "Enable the Discard..." checkbox.
  6. If you want to allow your team members to manually take a screenshot from the HiveDesk client application, select the "Enable the Take a screenshot..." checkbox.
  7. If you want to allow your team members to create their own tasks, select the "Allow team members to create their own tasks...." checkbox.
  8. Select the last checkbox if you want to hide contact details of team members. 

Invite Your Team Members Section
You can either invite a new person or an existing team member to join your projects. When you invite a person to join a project, the person receives an email with a link to join the project. An existing team member can accept the invitation to join the projct. A new person will need to create a profile to join the project.  
  1. Your existing team members are listed in the "Invite Existing Team Member(s)" box. You can select multiple people from the list by selecting them from the list.
  2. To invite new team members, enter their emails in the "Invite New Team Members" box. Enter one email per line. 
  3. To create the project and send invitations to the team members, click the blue Submit button.