What am I seeing a different amount of activity on my account than what my employee sees on his?

What am I seeing a different amount of activity on my account than what my employee sees on his?

This could be caused by different time zone settings for you and your team member.

If this is the case, the missing time would have been shown on previous/next day based on your time zone.

You can create the report in your team member's time zone and verify that both of you see the same number. Follow these steps to check the timesheet in employee's time zone:

  1. Click Timesheet in the left hand navigation menu
  2. Click Detailed timesheet.
  3. Select the person whose report has discrepancy from the dropdown in Team Members field. Select the Project and Date range.  
  4. In the Timezone field, select Team member timezone from the dropdown. 
  5. Click Generate button to see the report.

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