After you've installed the HiveDesk Client Software you can then launch the application to log in and start tracking your time and progress on the projects you are working on.

Logging into HiveDesk Client

The following steps will describe logging in to HiveDesk Client in your system.


1. Start up the HiveDesk Client application which is installed in your system.

2. Provide your email address and password to login to your account.


3. Click on Login button.

4. In the Dashboard, select the appropriate project which you want to Check In. Click on Check In button and session duration starts logging.  You can also check the Notes added with the corresponding projects by clicking on Notes.

5. If the Project Creator has posted any Project Notes, you can view them after logging into the desktop client.
6. You can add details/describe what are you working on under session description and click on Submit button.

7. From there, you can see your tasks in the task .
8. Mark tasks as completed as they are finished to report your progress to your project owner.


8. Once you finish your work or assigned task, click on Check Out button to stop recording time against that task.

9. To log out from the HiveDesk Client, click on menu, File > Logout option or X button.