Creating a Task List

1. Only a Manager or Admin/Account Owner has the access to create the New Task.

2. In order to create a new Task, select a project and click on the Manage Tasks button.

3. Before creating the Task, you need to create a Task List.

4. Click on the New Task List button to create the task list of the corresponding project.

5. Provide the Task List Name and short description. Click Submit

6. Once the task list is created, you can create the New Task under this list.

Creating a New Task

1. Click on Add New Task button

2. Enter the task details, assign the task to the worker by selecting worker from drop down list.

3. Enter the Task Priority level from 1 to 99. This helps the worker to understand the importance of the project and prioritize their work.

4. If you wish to notify the worker by email of the task assignment, select the Email Notification option.

5. Select the Due Date for the task and click Add Task.

6. Click on Submit to add this task under Task list for the Project selected.