Promoting a Worker

In order to Promote or Demote a worker, you must log in with your Admin credentials. In other words, only an Admin / Account Owner will able to Promote or Demote a Member.

Promoting other workers to Manager is a way to delegate tasks to your workers.  Promoted workers can manage all of your projects - including inviting workers, creating tasks, and creating projects.  These individual tasks can also be managed on a per-project basis by going to the Roster for that project.

1. Login with admin credentials and click on the My Team Members Under Team Member from Left navigation.  

2. Click on the Promote button as shown below.

3. After clicking the Promote icon, you will need to confirm it by selecting Full Permission or Basic Permission.

Now you have successfully promoted a Member as a Manager. The member will be notified with a an email about this promotion.

See below screenshot.

 Demoting a Worker

1. Click on the Demote button to demote the Manager to Member.

2. Click on Yes button. Now you have demoted a manger to member.

3. Worker will be notified via email immediately.