Generating Reports

Worker can generate own Timesheet reports and Work Session Chart.

PDF time sheet from Reports page will help you to calculate your work hours.

Generating Time Sheets :

1. Click on Reports tab. Under the " Team Member Timesheet Detail Report", select the team member or the team member and Projects from the drop down list.

2. Select the From and To date as per your requirement.

3. Check the box if you wish to include notes in PDF report.


5. Select the option to view and download the report or to send PDF report by email.

6. Click on Create Timesheet button.

WorkSession Chart


Daily Work Summary

Manager can access Reports page and create time sheet reports in pdf format, also manager can get pdf reports in email.

Below mentioned features are available for Managers and Admin only.

1.  HiveDesk will email you a daily work summary every morning for the last 24 hours.

2.  Check the box to add additional mail to send daily email report (optional) .

3. Click the button Resend Work Summary Email to resend the daily work summary email.


Summarized TimeSheet Report



Screenshot Reports

To get the screenshot report, based on projects; Select the user, Project name,From and To dates then click View All Screenshots button


Weekly Report

To get the weekly work summary by email, click on Send Weekly Report  button.


 You can also view the Weekly Performance Chart based on project. Select the project from the drop down list and click on View Chart button.

Bimonthly Summary Report

Select the check box to add additional email to send bimonthly report (Automated Bimonthly Report).