You can manage specific tasks within HiveDesk by following the steps below:

1. Navigate to the project in which you want to manage/assign tasks.

2. Once in the project, click on the Manage Tasks option on the right-hand portion of the page:

3. This will bring up your list of tasks (if you already have some defined) as well as the Task List option on the right-hand portion of the page.  You must have a Task List defined before you can add a task, so to add a new Task List click on the New Task List button:

4.  Give your New Task List a name and description and press the blue Submit button:

5. Then you will see the new task list appear on the left-hand side of the page.  There you can click on the Add New Task button:

6. You can then enter a task name, task priority level, pick the team member from this project that you want to complete this task, enter a due date, and even opt to send the team member an email to let them know that they have a new task assigned to them once you click on the blue Submit button.